Roach Pest Control

Your SWFL home is a 5-star resort for cockroaches. Now is the time to knock ’em dead. Ask us about our comprehensive cockroach pest control services in Southwest Florida. Schedule your free estimate: 239.543.3100

Pest of the Month

By now you have probably heard of a new invasive ant species that is terrorizing the Gulf Coast states.  There are tales of these ants shorting out electrical equipment, invading people’s homes in extraordinary numbers, and displacing the infamous Red Imported Fire Ant with ease. This pest is the tawny Read more…

The Fungus Among Us

Turfgrass diseases like fungus are often overlooked because the biological organisms (plant pathogens) causing the problems are rarely observed and commonly mistaken for other injuries or disorders. Use of proper cultural practices (i.e., water, mowing, and fertility) will reduce the risk of grasses becoming diseased or severely damaged by turfgrass Read more…

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