Formulate A Pest Control Plan For Termites

Termites are active year round. Now is the time to formulate a pest control plan for your home or business to combat and eliminate unwanted visitors in 2018 and beyond.

Scott Kight, Associate Certified Entomologist with Fort Myers Pest Control stresses the importance of prevention when it comes to termites in and around your property.

“Do you wait until your car breaks down or do you change the oil regularly?” said Scott. “Treat them before you get them.”

Let’s talk about one group of termites, subterranean termites. Two groups of subterranean termites are most prevalent in southwest Florida. “Native” or “Eastern” termites and the non-native subterranean termite commonly called “Formosan” termites.

Native subterranean termites are found throughout the U.S. in every state except Alaska. Snowbirds and new residents that say that they don’t have termites up north are sadly mistaken.

Formosan termites are rumored to have arrived in the U.S. on ships after World War 2. They are found in most southern states and as far north as Tennessee. Of the estimated $5 billion in termite-related damage each year, Formosan termites account for more than half of the destruction. They are skilled at taking advantage of improperly performed termite treatments. Many people, even some of those in the pest control industry, believe that Formosan termites are not subterranean due to their ability to form secondary colonies above ground such as in a wall void or attic space. In reality, Formosan termites are in fact subterranean.

Regardless of species, prevention is always the best option for treatment of subterranean termites. Also, don’t be taken by the logic “my house is made of concrete” or “my house is made of metal”. Remember, termites can find any wood in a home, for the door or window framing, to baseboard, to the wood in your roof structure and trusses. The experts at Fort Myers Pest Control offer a full range of termite treatment services. Contact Fort Myers Pest Control for a complimentary termite inspection at (239) 543-3100.

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