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Fort Myers Pest Control has proved that with experience, commitment, and deep family roots, you can eradicate pests for the long haul.

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Established in 1966 by George and Doris Smith, Fort Myers Pest Control has been locally owned and operated for two generations. For 16 years, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and their team served the Southwest Florida community utilizing the motto “the customer is always right”, with the aim of providing up-to-date technology and personal, friendly service for customers. In 1982, their son David and his wife Carolyn purchased the family business. They added a turf pest and fertilization division to protect customer’s lawns. In 2014, the addition of termite services truly made Fort Myers Pest Control a full-service pest control company.

Though we serve more than 17,000 customers in Southwest Florida today, we still have the same mission we started with more than 50 years ago. Your satisfaction is what matters most to us, which is why we are committed to remaining a locally-owned and operated company. With Fort Myers Pest Control, you get everything you would from a national brand with more personal contact, customized solutions and a higher degree of flexibility.

Our experience and commitment to innovation are respected in the industry, but it’s our deep roots in the community, pride of ownership and local decision-making that account for the outstanding service you’ll appreciate most. You can call us anytime and get a real person on the phone, including the owner if needed. We are passionate about providing specific remedies and preventative techniques to help you maintain a healthful, pest-free environment for your family. Our knowledgeable, capable and caring professionals share this passion. Thank you for inviting us into your home and choosing Fort Myers Pest Control.

what makes our service superior:

  • We provide the right combination of individualized service and personal attention you only get from a small company with the same vast resources and professional support as bigger companies
  • We employ certified pest control operators and FNGLA certified horticulture professionals
  • We engage in security screening and drug testing of all employees
  • We provide operators with the most advanced education and training in the industry through our in-house training facility
  • We give back in support of the local community
  • We are committed to impeccable and ongoing quality control and monitoring to ensure valued customers with a consistently high level of service
  • We are acknowledged and respected for expertise, business ethics and commitment in the industry and by the local community

our code of conduct

The Fort Myers Pest Control code of conduct focuses on RESPECT. Every employee is committed to this code, which guides our decisions as we strive to provide the best service possible.


I own my actions and the consequences for them.


Good enough isn’t.


Solutions for every circumstance.


Everyone represents the company as a whole.


We strive to educate ourselves & our customers.

Interactions that respect people and privacy.
Together Everyone Achieves More

Satisfaction Guaranteed & Flawless service


This program treats and prevents the most common threats to your household including ants, roaches, silverfish and earwigs.

Some common targets for our Specialty Pest Management program include spiders, fleas and ticks, bed bugs, rodents and bees.

Give your grass everything it needs to grow strong and healthy and stamp out weeds for the most beautiful lawn on the block!

Utilizing the most current technology to prevent and control termites, we mitigate the threat and prevent the damage caused.

Reduce the size of the mosquito population on your property and lower the chances of painful bites.

We monitor for bed bugs and reduce the impact of this common pest on your property through early intervention.


Our Priority Is Your satisfaction

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A family company established in 1966, Fort Myers Pest Control has been locally owned and operated for three generations. Our longevity and reputation in the community speak volumes about the quality of service we provide, and we’ve also been named “Best in Southwest Florida” and “Best in North Fort Myers” by The News-Press. We’d love for you to ask a friend or neighbor about us.

Our business has grown largely by word-of-mouth so chances are someone you know has great things to say about Fort Myers Pest Control’s integrity and customer-friendly business practices.


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We have proudly served Southwest Florida residents for over 5 decades providing top-rated, quality pest control, and maintenance services in Fort Myers and the surrounding areas. As a locally-owned business, we truly care about using effective and efficient products to keep our neighbors protected.

the best

pest control

for over 5 decades

Established in 1966 by George and Doris Smith, Fort Myers Pest Control has been locally owned and operated for two generations. Experience and commitment to innovation are standards throughout the industry, but it’s Fort Myers Pest Control’s deep roots in the community, the pride of ownership, and local decision-making that account for the outstanding reputation the company has earned over the past 50 years.



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