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Our pest control services expand far beyond the standard ant, cockroach, or mosquito infestation. We understand that due to our area’s hot and humid climate, a variety of pests easily thrive all year long. As residents of the area ourselves, we are well versed in treating and removing local populations of spiders, fleas and ticks, bed bugs, rodents, and bees.

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Our Specialty Pest Management program will quickly target and eliminate the health and safety threat that many of these pests pose and will allow you to enjoy time inside and outside your home.

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You’re never alone in your fight against any pest. The experienced team at Fort Myers Pest Control has seen it all and is up for any challenge. Our trusted technicians will inspect your home, inside and out, to clearly identify and target pests present on your property. We have highly effective solutions for eliminating uncommon and unique species.

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When it comes to bed bugs, the old adage applies: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. There is no guaranteed way to prevent bed bugs from entering your property. However, you can protect your property from a serious infestation with Bed Bug SafeGuard Service by Fort Myers Pest Control.

Satisfaction Guaranteed & Flawless service


This program treats and prevents the most common threats to your household including ants, roaches, silverfish and earwigs.

Some common targets for our Specialty Pest Management program include spiders, fleas and ticks, bed bugs, rodents and bees.

Give your grass everything it needs to grow strong and healthy and stamp out weeds for the most beautiful lawn on the block!

Utilizing the most current technology to prevent and control termites, we mitigate the threat and prevent the damage caused.

Reduce the size of the mosquito population on your property and lower the chances of painful bites.

We monitor for bed bugs and reduce the impact of this common pest on your property through early intervention.


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A family company established in 1966, Fort Myers Pest Control has been locally owned and operated for three generations. Our longevity and reputation in the community speak volumes about the quality of service we provide, and we’ve also been named “Best in Southwest Florida” and “Best in North Fort Myers” by The News-Press. We’d love for you to ask a friend or neighbor about us.

Our business has grown largely by word-of-mouth so chances are someone you know has great things to say about Fort Myers Pest Control’s integrity and customer-friendly business practices.


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We have proudly served Southwest Florida residents for over 5 decades providing top-rated, quality pest control, and maintenance services in Fort Myers and the surrounding areas. As a locally-owned business, we truly care about using effective and efficient products to keep our neighbors protected.

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for over 5 decades

Established in 1966 by George and Doris Smith, Fort Myers Pest Control has been locally owned and operated for two generations. Experience and commitment to innovation are standards throughout the industry, but it’s Fort Myers Pest Control’s deep roots in the community, the pride of ownership, and local decision-making that account for the outstanding reputation the company has earned over the past 50 years.



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