Fort Myers Pest Control’s Subterranean Termite Prevention and Control program treats subterranean termites in the most effective and environmentally responsible manner possible.

Our skilled termite experts are proud to use the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ to treat subterranean termite issues. This Dow AgroSciences product is a system of Sentricon stations installed around your home that contain the active ingredient Noviflumuron (a growth regulator for termites). This system utilizes the termites’ own natural feeding and foraging tendencies against them by killing worker termites, leading to the colony elimination. Backed by more than 60 scientific studies, it is the ONLY treatment method proven to eliminate the subterranean termite colony.

Contact us at 239-543-3100 for more information and to see if your home qualifies for the Sentricon System.

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