Oh Rats! Rainy Weather Spark Rodent Infestations

It’s a fact. Rainy weather brings pests like rats and mice indoors. Scott Kight, Associate Certified Entomologist with Fort Myers Pest Control is here to help you prevent and eliminate a rodent infestation in your home or business this summer and beyond.

Did you know that a fully-grown rat can enter your home through an opening approximately the size of a quarter, and only the size of a dime for mice? As rainy weather creeps south, rodents seeking shelter look for dry places, like your house, for warmth during rainy periods.

Not thrilled about these unwanted visitors sharing your space? Neither are we, for several reasons. Rodents are known to carry several different diseases that can be transmitted to humans including another potential outbreak of rat bite fever, hantavirus, and viral hemorrhagic fever to name a few. Additionally, these pesky critters enjoy chewing on electrical wires and cause up to 20% of unexplained fires every year.

With the ability to produce over 2000 offspring in just one year, the capacity to tread water for days, survive a fall from over 50 feet and being flushed down a toilet, it takes an expert to truly ensure your home and business are rodent-free.

Last year, Fort Myers was named by Terminex as the #5 city in the country for roof rats, now is the time to call in the experts when you suspect you may have rodents on your property.

Telltale signs of infestation include “rub marks” or “grease marks” at the point of entry, droppings, and chew marks. Sounds in an attic may or may not be associated with rats, but it is common to find “tunneling” in the insulation of an attic.

If you believe you have a rodent infestation in your home or business, the experts at Fort Myers Pest Control offer a full range of rodent identification and removal services. Contact Fort Myers Pest Control for a complimentary rodent inspection at (239) 543-3100.

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