Oh Rats! Rainy Weather Spark Rodent Infestations

It’s a fact. Rainy weather brings pests like rats and mice indoors. Scott Kight, Associate Certified Entomologist with Fort Myers Pest Control is here to help you prevent and eliminate a rodent infestation in your home or business this summer and beyond.

Did you know that a fully-grown rat can enter your home through an opening […]

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Formulate A Pest Control Plan For Termites

Termites are active year round. Now is the time to formulate a pest control plan for your home or business to combat and eliminate unwanted visitors in 2018 and beyond.

Scott Kight, Associate Certified Entomologist with Fort Myers Pest Control stresses the importance of prevention when it comes to termites in and around your property.

“Do you […]

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Thank You For Joining us at Freedom Fest 2017

Thank you to the entire Southwest Florida community for joining us at Freedom Festival 2017! On July 4th, the patriotic event proudly presented by Fort Myers Pest Control brought revelers to downtown Fort Myers for eating contests, classic car display, and of course–fireworks! It was truly a pleasure and honor to take part in this […]

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Fort Myers Pest Control Announces Sponsorship at WINK Freedom Fest

Fort Myers Pest Control has announced its position as presenting event sponsor at this year’s WINK Freedom Fest 4th of July event. Working alongside The Fort Myers River District Alliance (RDA) and WINK News, Fort Myers Pest Control is proud to be a supporter of the Southwest Florida community and the popular event, Southwest Florida’s […]

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Local Pest Control Company Donates To Boy Scout Troop

Boy Scout Troop 720 of Lehigh Acres received a very special gift on March 7, 2017, courtesy of Fort Myers Pest Control. The 50-year-old company donated $300 to the troop to finance new tents for the growing Troop.

The donation was a “thank you” gift for the Troop that assisted Fort Myers Pest Control during their […]

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Fort Myers Pest Control Celebrates Community At Edison Festival of Light

For the 79th year, the Edison Festival of Light, the Grand Parade of Light, filled the streets of downtown Fort Myers ablaze with floats, marching bands, fireworks and pageantry.

Fort Myers Pest Control participated in the event for the first time this year to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The local pest control company made a grand […]

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Local Pest Control Company Celebrates 50 Years Of Success

North Fort Myers— Fort Myers Pest Control has proved that with experience, commitment and deep family roots, you can eradicate pests for the long haul.

Established in 1966 by George and Dorris Smith, Fort Myers Pest Control has been locally owned and operated for two generations. For 16 years, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and their […]

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The Fungus Among Us

Turfgrass diseases like fungus are often overlooked because the biological organisms (plant pathogens) causing the problems are rarely observed and commonly mistaken for other injuries or disorders. Use of proper cultural practices (i.e., water, mowing, and fertility) will reduce the risk of grasses becoming diseased or severely damaged by turfgrass pathogens.

Fungicides are pesticides used to […]

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Termite Season is in full swing!!

Drywood Termites are swarming in our area. If you see light brown insects with long wings flying around in the early evening, give us a call! Tenting schedules are already months out so if you have been seeing any issues and have been holding off on calling due to financial or other reasons, call to […]

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Pest of the Month: White Grub Worms

Pest of the Month – White Grubs

White grubs are immature scarab beetles. They hatch from eggs laid in the soil, have three larval instars, and also pupate in the soil. The third instar is often the most damaging and may be present in the soil the longest. The adults are rarely turf pests, but some […]

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