Weed Management for Pastures

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Controlling weeds in South Florida pastures is a constant battle for farmers and property owners. Due to the lengthy growing season in South Florida, weeds thrive all year long. Starting a plan early allows those with horses, cattle, and other livestock to develop an extensive control plan and budget that is not costly and most importantly, effective.

Fort Myers Pest Control’s experts are prepared to inspect and treat pastures of all sizes to maintain the health of your soil, landscaping, and of course, your animals.

Why Do I Need To Eliminate Weeds In My Pasture?

Livestock can be poisoned or injured by certain plants while grazing. One of the most important steps in reducing animal suffering or loss is good pasture management. Keeping the desirable forage species producing throughout the grazing season reduces the possibility of animals grazing toxic weeds.

Toxic plants (e.g., Creeping Indigo, Crotalaria, black nightshade, spiny pigweed, lantana, etc.) are commonly found throughout Florida. Though animals do not usually choose to graze toxic plants when forage is abundant, they may ingest toxic weeds when quality forage is limited due to poor growing conditions or over-grazing.

If symptoms of poisoning should occur, it is recommended that you call your veterinarian as soon as possible.


Prevention is any activity that keeps weeds from infesting a pasture. Inspecting pastures, frequently, a task that is often overlooked is the foundation of any weed management program. Our experts will walk or drive through your pastures to identify the presence of harmful and destructive plant life. This allows us to discover the extent of your weed issues to craft a management program designed specifically for your needs. The number of weeds, species present, and their locations will be noted to better treat your pasture.

Fire Ant Protection

Do you have problems with fire ants in your pastures? Fire ants can cause issues with livestock and equipment in pastures and hayfields if not managed properly. The best solution to keep fire ants under control is to be on a baiting program for your pastures. We have an extensive fire ant baiting program to fill your needs.

Pasture Fertilization

Fort Myers Pest Control Fertilization Pasture Program can help you get your pastures vibrant and healthy. We can apply a complete fertilizer designed and aimed at getting your pastures to grow healthy grass for your animals to graze on.

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