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In Southwest Florida, it is not uncommon for your property to suffer from an invasion of grubs. Though some grubs are non-invasive, there are several grub species that cause damage to your lawn, turf, and landscaping. In the Fort Myers Area, the white grub is well known for causing a pest control issue.

White Grubs

White grubs are in fact, the larvae of scarab beetles. Once they hatch from eggs laid in soil, white grubs experience three stages of larval development and will also pupate in the soil. The third form of development is considered the most damaging and lengthy stage of life for the white grub.


A sample from your turf will be assessed by our pest removal specialists to determine if your home has a grub invasion. Proper monitoring and identification can prevent turf loss and costly renovation.


As with all our services, our trained professionals will create a custom plan for you and your lawn/turf that will provide long-lasting results. In most instances, an insecticide will be applied to your grass/turf to avoid additional serious damage to your grass and roots. Insecticides can be used as both a curative and preventative method of pest control treatment. Curative control will be necessary if eggs have already hatched and grubs are present in your soil. Preventative treatment is a solution for property owners who would like to avoid any damage before it occurs.

Signs of Grub Infestation

Inspect your turf and grass for thinning, yellowing patches. These unsightly patches will be soft and spongy. As time progresses, scattered and irregular patches of brown grass will appear and expand. The damage to grass is occurring at the root, caused by injury resulting from grub activity. A damaged root reduces the turf’s ability to absorb the necessary water and nutrients to withstand stress caused by droughts and other outside factors.

A sample from your turf will be assessed by our pest removal specialists to determine if your home has a grub invasion.

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