Lawn/Turf Grass Management

Now the grass can always be greener on your side of the property line with Lawn/Turf Grass Management services by Fort Myers Pest Control. Eliminate and prevent infestations, give your grass everything it needs to grow strong and healthy and stamp out weeds for the most beautiful lawn on the block!

Insect Control Package
Protect your family from ants and enjoy a healthier lawn by treating for ants, chinch bugs, mole crickets and sod web worms. Your lawn can be treated monthly or every other month with current pricing available through your Fort Myers Pest Control Solutions Specialist.

Nutrition Package
The Fort Myers Pest Control Nutrition Package is your key to having the healthiest, greenest grass possible. An environmentally proactive company, Fort Myers Pest Control provides effective lawn/turf grass solutions that are fully in compliance with state and local ordinances.

Weed Management
Bugs aren’t the only enemy to greener grass. Weeds compete for food, water and real estate, choking out healthy grass and marring your view. With Fort Myers Pest Control Weed Management, your grass will be able to thrive and you’ll enjoy a weed-free lawn.

Helpful Hints: Mowing Tips

  • Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade when mowing to avoid stress
  • Cut St. Augustine/Floratam lawn at 2 ½-4 inches
  • Mow on a consistent schedule
  • Keep blades sharp
  • Alternate directions of cut
  • Allow clippings to remain on lawn
  • Avoid mowing a wet lawn
  • Wash mower when necessary to avoid cross contamination of diseases from another yard

Even the healthiest lawn can face unexpected challenges that require Specialty Lawn Management by Fort Myers Pest Control. We are experts at treating, and preventing, many common assaults including fungus, grubs and fire ants. Please ask your Solutions Specialist for a free evaluation and price estimate for the following services:

  • Fungicide
  • Grub Prevention
  • Flea/Tick Management
  • Grub Treatment
  • Fire Ant Baiting

Get Proactive About Lawn Care Today!

Anyone who has waited for a serious problem to arise before getting professional lawn service will tell you the same thing: Don’t wait! Fort Myers Pest Control can prevent many issues before they occur. With proper timing, we can stop ants, grubs, chinch bugs, mole crickets and sod web worm invasions before they arise. Proactive Nutrition Package and Weed Management are also more effective than trying to bring grass back from the brink of death. Don’t wait until you see a problem. Ask us how we can ensure your lawn remains healthy year-round with seasonal preventative lawn care.

Helpful Hints: Irrigation Tips

  • Water early morning and late afternoon – NEVER between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Water only on assigned days, where community laws apply
  • Watering longer is better than watering often; allow 1 inch of water to accumulate no more than 2-3 times a week
  • Use a rain gauge for accurate measurement and calibrate sprinklers accordingly
  • Check sprinklers for broken or clogged heads monthly
  • Ensure rain sensors are functional
  • Clear grass and other debris from around sprinkler heads