Household Pest Management

Fort Myers Pest Control’s Household Pest Management program treats and prevents the most common threats to your household including ants, roaches, silverfish and earwigs. Household Pest Management includes an initial service to treat problem areas throughout your home. The team follows up with Perimeter Pest Management, which involves regularly treating the outside perimeter of your home to stop bugs before they enter. You can choose to have your perimeter treated monthly, every other month or quarterly. Costs for each level of service are available through your Fort Myers Pest Control Solutions Specialist.

Helpful Hints: 10 Bug Stoppers

  • Seal exterior cracks and holes
  • Repair broken windows
  • Replace old weather stripping
  • Repair loose mortar around home foundation
  • Trim branches and shrubs to at least 6 inches away from home
  • Eliminate standing water in and around your home
  • Repair damaged wood
  • Ventilate attics to keep them dry
  • Clear gutters
  • Keep home clean and clutter free, especially kitchen and garbage storage areas
  • Inspect packages, potted plants and luggage coming into your home


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