Frequently Asked Questions

Fort Myers Pest Control is certified to use a higher level of active ingredients than those sold over store counters. We also have the knowledge and experience to know where and when to apply treatments. For maximum effectiveness and protection, there is no comparison!

As a family-owned and operated business, we understand your concerns and can assure you we select and apply products responsibly by well-trained solutions specialists to avoid harm to the people and pets in your household. All of our products are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.)

We follow all government guidelines in treating homes and yards to minimize impact on the environment. All products are reduced risk and professionally applied by our trained solutions specialists.

We believe in providing realistic expectations about results and stand behind the promises we make. If a pest issue isn’t fully resolved by the recommended treatment, we are happy to return for further treatment until the customer is completely satisfied. If resurgence occurs due to factors out of our control or new pest problems arise, we will provide you with a new estimate free of charge. With our Household Pest Management program, we recommend ongoing treatment including monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly Perimeter Pest Management. Those receiving this proactive pest management service can call at any time they detect pests for additional treatments as part of our Quality Service Guarantee.

It depends on the pest and severity of infestation. Generally you will see a difference immediately after our first visit, yet in some cases it may take several visits. Your Pest Control Solutions Specialist will provide you with realistic expectations regarding results. If you continue to see pests after treatment has been completed, please contact us. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

In some specialty pest management cases, we may recommend you leave your home for a prescribed period of time, but most of our Household Pest Management treatments can be performed while you are in the home. We use EPA-registered products and responsible application techniques.

Each situation requires different methods and products, with environmental conditions such as moisture and sanitation affecting the length of treatment. Most interior applications can be performed in less than one hour.

Some pests need nothing more than a moist dark place to hide, so keeping your home clean, while important, is not the only answer. A proactive pest management program, such as Perimeter Pest Management, is the only way to be certain bugs stay out of your home.

We provide multiple payment options including cash, check or credit card. You can pay at the time of service; you can prepay, or we can bill you.

There is no need to worry about rain affecting results. All of our programs are designed to withstand all weather conditions.

If you are not seeing pests it is a sign your maintenance program is working. In order to maintain these positive results, we must perform all of your services.

At a minimum, we recommend a quarterly service plan. Monthly and bi-monthly service naturally ensures a higher level of protection. We are happy to discuss your expectations and recommend a plan to meet your particular needs and ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

At a minimum, we recommend lawn service every other month. Additional specialty services can be made as needed.

Insect and pest-borne illnesses remain one of the largest global threats to public health including Zika, Dengue Fever, Chikungunya and Malaria. We have a number of preventative services, including Mosquito control, that can assist with protecting your family.

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